Magneto Burst

49 Shots of coloured pearls rise to huge bursts of gold brocades with red, green and silver blink before a final volley of blue stars to gold brocade and blue.

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Sometimes you just want an impressive firework to start or end a display with and Magneto Burst by Brothers Pyrotechnics fits the bill. If you are only buying one firework for a party then the rapid firing of large bursts from Magneto Burst may not give you the duration you require but for sheer impact when used amongst other fireworks Magneto Burst is hard to beat.
The shots in Magneto Burst are fired from 30mm tubes ensures that the bursts are the largest available to the general public and the short duration of this firework (30 seconds) means that one burst overlaps another. There are 49 shots in total and all are of equal quality, the final few being fired even more rapidly for a mini-finale to the great firework.
So, if you are buying several large fireworks, ensure Magneto Burst is one of them. Category 3.

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