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50 shot Cat3 barrage lasting just under as minute

£79.99 £69.00


We will, we will ROCK YOU

We will, we will ROCK YOU


Once you've heard and seen the rythmic pattern from this barrage fountain effect firework, those of you with a bit of musical knowledge will understand how this pyrotechnic came to be named after the Freddy Mercury hit song.

Nice and easy to use and very dramatic.


This is another new firework from Brothers that Up In Smoke of Gillingham, Dorset are stocking for sale all year round so, subject to stock levels, can be yours for any wedding celebration, bonfire party or other firework event.


Naturally, we will be offering these at the special events where extended firing times (up to 1AM rather than 11PM) can be used, which are the exciting times of New Years Eve, Guy Fawkes night (bonfire night), Diwali and Chinese New Year.


If this 50 Shot cat3 firework lasting for just under a minute, isn't quite the one you're looking for, please contact the good people at Up In Smoke and they will do their very best to help you out.

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