TNT Hope And Glory

TNT barrage with 36 shots lasting roughly 45 seconds


Out of stock


A Nice sized, excellent value for money garden firework for you family firework party.

36 powerfull shots of colour and light to dazzle your family and friends, though you do need a bit of room for this firework, 25m is required for a viewing distance.

Multi coloured giant comets, jumbo colourful bouquets with flying fish and ending with the all important patriotic Red White and Blue finale.


It’s the ideal all in one display for a wedding, Guy Fawkes night, New Years eve, sports events and other celebrations.


Up In Smoke of Gillingham Dorset (just off the A303 and in easy reach of Somerset & Wilts) have a few of these in stock at the moment and may be able to deliver and do have fireworks in stock and available all year round (not just bonfire night, Diwali or New year)



See It in Action

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