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Nemesis is one of three Triad rockets that were new for 2016.

This medium-weight rocket creates a loud bang and bursts into stunning and long lasting golden brocade.

This is a fantastic new addition to our rocket range for those who don’t want to splash out on the biggest rockets yet still want a big bang and burst for their buck.

Then we have Oblivion, which contrary to its name is rocket that creates a big and beautiful burst of blinking and coloured stars.

Finally, we have Sonic, a powerful new single rocket that will momentarily set the sky ablaze. Blink and your miss it, but you’ll certainly still hear it!

If you don’t blink then you’ll watch Sonic burst into a supremely bright array of tailed stars with red strobe that will be witnessed far and wide.


The price is per individual rocket.

The cost of the set is three times the single price

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