Dark Angel

100 shots of screaming serpents fill the sky and explode with a barrage of colour and noise.


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Dark Angel is another excellent firework from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Ensuring that the good side truly collides with the dark side, this large barrage thrills throughout its running time of more than 40 seconds.
Designed to take complete control of the night sky, Dark Angel is a truly ferocious piece to add to your display. Sure to keep your show ablaze with whistles, crackles and bursts, this powerful firework continues to attract great reviews from seasoned pyro fans.
As 100 screaming serpents swirl around the sky, the pace increases to a truly relentless level. It?s perfect if you want to mix constant noise and colour. Take a look at the video below to witness the 100, rapid-fire shots this cake delivers. Category 3.

See It in Action

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