Exorcise Your Demons

Exorcise Your demons is a large compound barrage firework by Brother Fireworks available from Up In Smoke, Gillingham, Dorset.

It lasts over two minutes with 292 shots

£419.99 £375.00

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Up In Smoke are able, thanks to those good people at Brothers fireworks, to offer another huge compound firework.

A simple, "light once and enjoy" effect for any bonfire party

Exorcise Your Demons, Up In Smoke, Fireworks Dorset


this is a Cat3, high noise unit, with an action packed display that lasts over two minutes, but they are some sky-lighting minutes with plenty to see and enjoy.

This firework will certainly light up our sleepy Dorset, Wiltshire & Someset towns and is sure to get the good people on the Gillingham facebook page talking..........

See It in Action

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