The Real Mackay Skycrafter

The Real Mackay

104 shot in a minute makes for a real sky filling firework!

Massive Compound firework, consisting of three large barrages.
A full display in a box
Ideal for weddings, Diwali, Guy Fawkes Night, New Years Eve
High Noise
104 shots


Out of stock


The Real Mackay is an absolutely spectacular compound cake firework that will produce the effects that are impossible to ignore! It comes with 104 shots of pure magic, as it combines high noise with salvos of green, purple, red, silver, and gold to produce the effects that you won’t be able to forget! It is powerful and exciting enough to be an absolute star of your bonfire night! Actually, with it, you won’t need any additions to make your party a successful one! This is definitely one of the best compound cakes on the market, both in terms of quality and in terms of the price!


We really love these compound sets!

They offer everything you would want from a self-contained, professional looking firework display for your bonfire party, wedding, Diwali or New Years eve celebration.

The Real Mackay lives up to its name, and will delight your family and friends.

You can either lift out each out the very big barrages and place them in the positions that will give your event the look it needs, or very easily link them together, light once and enjoy a display straight from the box, from one single ignition.

This is a high noise, category 3 firework

104 Shots (but big shots!!!)

Available from Up In Smoke, Gillingham’s party and event hire and sales shop

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