Wire Pull Smoke Grenade

Wire Pull Smoke Granade for a plume of thick, long lasting, coloured smoke



Wire Pull Smoke Grenade


Available in a variety of colours — please contact us before you buy.

Red Green Orange Yellow, Blue white Black Pink or Purple available (subject to stock)


These smoke grenades are the ideal thing to cover you while lighting your firework, but also give a fantastic effect for photography, stage shows and for testing things like chimneys etc.

They have been used as an alternative to confetti for wedding photography and there are many videos of these being trailed by skate boarders, skiers and on motor vehicles.

They add a huge amount of atmosphere at events, and really bring out some colour.

Very easy to use – simply remove the cover, hold at arms length, and pull the pin to get a burst of long lasting, thick coloured smoke.


Please be advised that these are illegal to use in many places (including football stadiums) so please ensure that you double check before you put these to use.

The good people at Up In Smoke will do their very best to help you create the effect you want, so please feel free to get in touch regarding our smoke effects


  • 20,000 Cubic Feet of Smoke Output per canister
  • Wire Pull Ignition – No Matches Required
  • Runs for 90+ Seconds (est) per canister
  • Size: 38mm diameter x 130mm high
  • Non-Toxic and ‘Cold Burn’ (no external flame)


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